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A clear mission drives all decisions


Maloy PR opens to help organizations achieve their mission

I’ve treasured providing many public relations programs for great organizations over the years. Several of those experiences rise to the top as the most enjoyable. Trying to understand why some were more gratifying than others, I made a discovery while reflecting on the words found in Greg McKeown’s excellent book,essentialism: A Disciplined Pursuit of Less1.

A small section about mission statements in his chapter about eliminating the trivial jumped out at me. After showing three mission statements that leave readers scratching their heads, McKeown pointed out, “The largely indistinguishable statements make the task almost impossible. Such vague, inflated mission statements may still be considered “’best practice’” in some quarters, but in many cases they do not achieve what they were intended to achieve: to inspire their employees with a clear sense of purpose.” (emphasis added)

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