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RMUoHP holds memorial for Lauren McCluskey


I was able to join approximately 50 students, faculty and staff of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions here and in locations across the country who joined other students throughout Utah, the U.S. and the world in remembering Lauren McCluskey today during a moment of silence and reflection of her memory.

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How to spot fake news infographic


With so much fake news available, the begging question is how to see through it all? Here is a cool infographic, How to Spot Fake News, from The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

Find more tips on how to avoid fake news at, Seeing through fake news.



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A clear mission drives all decisions


Maloy PR opens to help organizations achieve their mission

I’ve treasured providing many public relations programs for great organizations over the years. Several of those experiences rise to the top as the most enjoyable. Trying to understand why some were more gratifying than others, I made a discovery while reflecting on the words found in Greg McKeown’s excellent book,essentialism: A Disciplined Pursuit of Less1.

A small section about mission statements in his chapter about eliminating the trivial jumped out at me. After showing three mission statements that leave readers scratching their heads, McKeown pointed out, “The largely indistinguishable statements make the task almost impossible. Such vague, inflated mission statements may still be considered “’best practice’” in some quarters, but in many cases they do not achieve what they were intended to achieve: to inspire their employees with a clear sense of purpose.” (emphasis added)

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Lessons learned from the mistake of Shauna Lake are still valid


Shauna Lake

Nearly a year ago, Shauna Lake, a longtime news anchor for the Salt Lake City CBS affiliate, experienced the effects of a high-profile mistake after a Utah State Highway Patrol officer pulled her over for suspicion of driving under the influence and arrested her after she failed a field sobriety test.

She later plead guilty to a reduced charge of "impaired driving, a class B misdemeanor, in place of the class B misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence she originally faced."

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Shawn Lucas on the US dollar; far from losing global prominence

Apiary's Shawn Lucas examines the hype around the weakening U.S. dollar and points out it is a long way from losing its global prominence.  Read more . [Read More...]

Seeing through fake news

Fake NewsThe term ‘yellow journalism’ started in the late 1800’s when two of the largest New York City newspaper publishers, Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst, respectively began sensationalizing and creating fake news leading up to the Spanish-American war. Both publishers were infamous in their ability to twist the facts, leave out details and regularly make up news – all to sell more newspapers.
Today, fed by social media, search engine optimization, bots, ego or one-sided agendas, we as a global society are faced with overwhelming and increasing numbers of so-called fake news – real looking false stories or blog posts written solely for sensationalistic impact and deception. Driven by technology that can spread fake news around the globe at unparalleled speed, hundreds of thousands and even multi-millions of people are consuming fake news either intentionally or unintentionally.
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